Triumph Foods, LLC was organized in 2003 by a group of the largest U.S. independent pork producers whose goal was to create a pork processing operation capable of recognizing the benefits of an integrated business model.

With a workforce of over 2,800 today, the Company began processing operations in 2006, in St. Joseph, MO, where it is headquartered. Triumph’s state-of-the-art facility, is nostalgically situated on the same parcels of land where packing houses of the past once thrived in the early 1900s.

Triumph Foods processes in excess of 6 million hogs each year, and is the newest facility of its’ kind in the United States. The Company prides itself on producing the highest quality fresh pork products found in the market today.

Triumph Foods provides a variety of pork products to some of the highest quality food distributors and producers in the world through a unique marketing and sales agreement with Seaboard Foods, a division of the Seaboard Corporation (NYSE: SEB). The Company’s steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, employee connectivity, and stewardship separates Triumph Foods from others in the industry.

Today, a leader in the Pork industry and generating over $1.6 billion in annual revenues, Triumph Foods is recognized as a top processor and exporter of premium, fresh pork products worldwide and expanded further with its 50% ownership of Daily’s Premium Meats, which produces a variety of cured bacons, smoked hams, and delicious breakfast sausage for both food service and retail sectors. Also, a joint venture Seaboard Triumph Foods,LLC fresh pork processing plant which began operations in the Fall of 2017, in Sioux City, Iowa.


Our Vision


To harness the competitive advantage of our uniquely connected food system to create the most sought-after pork products for our diverse global consumers.

Our Strategic Focus

It is through a focus on Quality, Stewardship, Sustainability, Innovation, and Employee Connectivity that Triumph Foods achieves its Vision.

  • Quality
    Initiatives and audit processes that ensure consistent, high quality pork.
  • Stewardship
    Participation and actions that illustrate Triumph Foods’ leadership in the community and commitment to those in need.
  • Sustainability
    Continuous focus on efficiency initiatives that ensure Triumph Foods is a competitive, viable industry leader for years to come.
  • Innovation
    Discovering, initiating and innovating effective new products and meat processing technologies in the pork industry.
  • Employee Connectivity
    Strategies that attract, develop, retain, and better communicate with Triumph’s workforce… all aimed at making Triumph Foods a preferred employer.

Our Commitments

What those around us can expect and count on.

  • Employees:
    We commit to recognize each employee’s value and contribution to the success of the company. We commit to provide a dynamic, collaborative and safe work environment that presents opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Customers:
    We commit to satisfy customers requirements 100% of the time.
  • Shareholders:
    We commit to lead the industry in developing and implementing integration strategies and genetic improvement
  • Communities:
    We commit to be actively involved for the betterment of the communities in which we conduct business.

I Am Triumph Foods

Our employees are our #1 asset and we want to show them off! “I Am Triumph Foods” is a brief look at who we are. Triumph Foods has been successful over the years due largely to the hard work and dedication of our loyal employees. We are VERY proud of our culturally diverse workforce and hope you enjoy learning more about our people. These aren’t just employees… They ARE Triumph Foods.


2003: Triumph Foods, LLC is organized by a group of the largest U.S. independent pork producers.

2004: Commenced construction of Triumph Foods first 700,000sqft, state-of-the-art processing facility in St. Joseph, MO.

2006: Triumph Foods, LLC opens it doors as the world’s newest most efficient pork processing facility.

2007: Triumph Foods, LLC adds a 2nd shift bringing employee population to nearly 2000 employees.

2010: Through continuous expansion Triumph Foods reaches nearly 2,700 employees.

2012: Triumph Foods, LLC announces a 30,000sqft expansion for additional refrigeration and packaging space to meet growing demand for export product. Expansion represents $9.5million investment and adds jobs.

2013: Triumph Foods, LLC announces a $7.5 million, and 11,000sqft expansion to make capital improvements in packaging and storage along with production enhancements which creates 100+ new jobs

2014: Triumph Foods, LLC purchases 50% ownership in Daily’s Premium meats, a processed meats division of Seaboard Foods.

2015: Daily’s Premium Meats, which is 50% owned by Triumph Foods, announced plans to construct a $41million bacon processing facility, directly across the street from Triumph Foods.

2015: Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods form a 50/50 joint venture to develop and construct a new fresh pork processing plant (May). Construction of the new fresh pork plant, sited in Sioux City, Iowa, commenced in late September, 2015.

2017: Seaboard Triumph Foods begins operation of its’ new fresh pork plant, in Sioux City, Iowa, September, 2017.